$5 spirits keeps the evil at bay..

Date : 3 / Nov / 2017
Time : 20:00
Address : Upstairs at Forester’s Hall 64 Smith St Collingwood Melbourne

MLB w/ Woman InBlack and The Resistance, Rusted Tongue, Monkey Grip

Woodys Dive Bar, Collingwood

Hello Melbourne !!
So while we are down for the Supersuckers we thought it be best to warm up with $5 spirits in a dive bar with good mates..

Woman InBlack and The Resistance are hitting Woodys Bar in celebration of their recent debut EP release ‘Genevieve’ and video ‘Dead City’. Woman InBlack (Kris KillRiot) and Brett Parrish both formally from RED LIGHT RIOT play polictically driven songs with one message, Equality For All.
Headlining the show will be QLD veteran hard hitting punk rockers The Wrath. One of Australia’s most high-energy and well respected punk/rock acts, The Wrath have toured with some of the biggest international acts and broken down barriers between genres, both soundwise and visually, with conviction. We are delighted to have them on the lineup before they support The Supersuckers. Joining the lineup will be Monkey Grip with their high energy stage presence and hard core alt punk sound.. and Rusted Tonque the band of bohemian warrior women, with a unique sound inspired by punk, folk, gypsy and blues.
Spread the Word, we are going to rock the roof off Woody’s Bar.

Here’s the Facey Event page

At Woody’s Dive Bar in Collingwood

The Wrath
Woman InBlack and The Resistance,
Rusted Tongue,
Monkey Grip

Get some of Kristy’s (KTA / RLR) solo noise in ya lugs!! Dedicated to the resistance \w/